The Crypto-future through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP and IOTA

Peering into the Crypto-Future 

By Phil Baumann RN

In order to gain a clearer view of the impacts of the incoming future of technologies and their economic, behavioral, cultural, political and other impacts, categorization can perform useful veil-lifting.

I’ll let the reader do the deep-dive research into the technologies underlying each of these currencies, but here is a peeled-away breakdown of their respective categories:

Whether these specific “coins” succeed the slaughtering rapidity of techno-culture shocks remains to be seen.

Yes, they are traded assets that can make you rich or poor. That’s certainly interesting. What matters much more than their capital markets is that each has attempted to confront crucial problems that can liberate the ramifying “potential energies” of other technologies that can plug in to them.

Their premises spur economy-generating economies.



Don’t feel bad if you missed the Bitcoin gold-rush. That’s in the past. Sometimes understanding the world confers its own wealth (insert Latin aphorism here). If you run the currency of knowledge through the circuitry of imagination you gain the power of foresight.


That’s my two cents: take them and spread the wealth.

Disclosure: I hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple XRP and IOTA (MIOTA). But this post is not about finance per se nor is it about promoting these currencies as investments. Rather this post is about envisioning the four kinds of markets that the respective technologies underlying each of these four cryptocoins can help grow and power. These aren’t simply currencies and stores of monetary value – they are technologies.


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2 Responses

  1. Digital currencies may be the future, but Bitcoin certainly isn’t getting any more practical just yet

    Ever tried to buy a sandwich using Bitcoin? Probably not.

    While some banks are flirting with digital money, using the world’s most notorious cryptocurrency in real life remains inconvenient for most people.

    First, even in cities with so-called Satoshi Points—stations where you trade local cash for Bitcoin—it’s still hard to find stores willing to accept the currency. But perhaps more troubling is that Bitcoin transaction fees rose above $5 in June, making small purchases totally impractical.

    Dr. David Marcinko MBA


  2. BLOCKCHAIN Update

    State of Delaware Passes Law to Make Blockchain-based Stock Trades legal.



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