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As a medical professional, are you looking for ways to make your practice more profitable and boost your efficiency?

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  • Employment Contracts
  • eHR Incentives are Here
  • How Health Reform Will Affect You
  • 5010 Transaction Standards
  • Malpractice and liability
  • Fiduciary standards
  • Financial advisors versus planners
  • SEC and FINRA rules and regulations
  • Health economics, finance and insurance
  • Medical business models
  • ACA, and so much more!

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  Risk Management, Liability Insurance, and Asset Protection Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™



5 Responses

  1. Milton Friedman, Libertarian Lunacy, And Unlicensed Brain Surgeons

    According to trade magazine editor Evan Simonoff, financial advisors have long complained that one has to meet higher standards to become a hairdresser than to be a financial planner.–libertarian-lunacy–and-unlicensed-brain-surgeons-13468.html

    That’s why the R&D efforts of our governing board of physician-directors, accountants, financial advisors, academics and health economists identified the need for integrated personal financial planning and medical practice management as an effective first step in the survival and wealth building life-cycle for physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, administrators and all medical professionals.

    Now – more than ever – desperate doctors of all ages are turning to knowledge able financial advisors and medical management consultants for help. Symbiotically too, generalist advisors are finding that the mutual need for extreme niche synergy is obvious.

    But, there was no established curriculum or educational program; no corpus of knowledge or codifying terms-of-art; no academic gravitas or fiduciary accountability; and certainly no identifying professional designation that demonstrated integrated subject matter expertise for the increasingly unique healthcare focused financial advisory niche … Until Now!

    Enter the Certified Medical Planner™ charter professional designation

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  2. Good morning, Ann

    I noticed the Certified Medical Planner designation on a local website and was directed to the ME-P site.

    Can you direct me to whomever can give me information on the CMP course and costs; designation requirements, etc?

    Thank you.

    Tracy Richter
    [VP Private Banking]



    We believe that:

    If you do not have a market niche; you are not deeply informed
    If you are not deeply informed; you can’t different yourself
    If you can’t differentiate yourself; you can’t differentiate price
    If you can’t differentiate price; you have no market power
    If you have no market power; you have no unique knowledge
    If you have no unique knowledge; you have fewer profits

    If you have fewer profits; you are not likely a CMP™

    Gene Schmuckler PhD MBA MEd CTS


  4. Ann,

    Thank you for introducing us to this new academic credential. Based on its description, there could be a substantial demand for professionals who attain this training.

    Kind regards,


  5. Automated Tests Let “Students” Take Control

    The concept of a self-taught and student motivated, but automated outcomes driven classroom may seem like a nightmare scenario for those who are not comfortable with computers. Now everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, because the Institute of Medical Business Advisors just launched an “automated” final examination review protocol that requires no programming skill whatsoever.

    In fact, everything is designed to be very simple and easy to use. Once a student’s examination “blue-book” is received, computerized “robotic reviewers” correct student assignments and quarterly test answers. This automated examination model lets the robots correct tests and exams, while the students concentrate on guided self-learning.

    According to Eugene Schmuckler PhD MBA MEd, Dean of the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER® professional designation and certification program,

    “This option allows the modern adult-learner save both time and money as s/he progresses toward the ultimate goal of board certification as a CMP® mark holder.”

    The trend is growing and iMBA, Inc., is leading the way.

    Dr. David Marcinko MBA


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