National Collector Car Appreciation Day

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Doctors … and their Cars

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA


Today, July 10th, marks the fourth year in a row the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) has secured federal acknowledgement of “National Collector Car Appreciation Day (NCCAD),” an annual opportunity to recognize and generate awareness for the collector car hobby.

American Collectors Insurance has partnered with to commemorate the occasion at its Cherry Hill, NJ headquarters with a night of cool rides and hot rods.


Dr. Marcinko 1972 Vette


DEM in his 1990 Miata





For details on the celebration at the American Collectors Insurance headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ visit 

To learn more about National Collector Car Appreciation Day events across the country, visit:


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  1. PROs and CONs of Leather Car Seats

    When it comes to your car’s interior upholstery, there are two main options to choose from.

    Most commonly, drivers opt for fabric or cloth upholstery, which is normally fitted as standard, but leather upholstery is also a popular choice. If you are in the market for a new car (or even if you are looking for a second-hand model), you may already have a preference between the two. If not, here are the main pros and cons of leather seats.


    Leather seats provide a more luxurious feel to your car’s interior. Good leather seats smell great when you first open the car doors, and feel much more substantial when you sit down inside the car. Many drivers love the look and feel of leather seats, which can add a genuinely executive feel to pretty much any car. A leather surface can also be easier to clean. Leather is more resistant to simple liquid spills, and in many cases, you can quickly wipe off spillages of harder substances such as varnish or paint if you are very quick. With upholstery seats, staining can take place almost immediately, and once stained, upholstery seats can be very difficult to get clean again.

    Heated and/or cooled seats are also more often associated with leather upholstery. While these luxuries can also be fitted in cars with cloth seats, leather seats can cope with heating and cooling systems far better. Upholstery seats generally wear more quickly than their leather counterparts. The fabrics used for car seat covers are intended to be hard-wearing, but they are unable to withstand the rigors of time as much as leather seats generally are.


    Leather seats are normally more expensive than cloth ones. While they are sometimes offered as standard in special editions, you will usually have to pay extra to have your car upgraded to leather seats, which can add a sizeable margin to the price tag. This may help the resale value of your car, but sometimes will be disregarded by dealers or buyers. The quality of leather seats can vary considerably, and you cannot assume that all leather seats are of the same standard.

    In some cases, especially cheaper models, leather seats may be offered, but the quality of leather may mean that they last no longer than cloth seats. Worse still, there are lots of imitation leather seats on the market, which are normally of very poor quality indeed.

    Leather requires more maintenance than a cloth cover. Leather can wear and crack if not cared for properly, and if you make no effort to look after it, leather will not last any longer than other types of upholstery. You have to be prepared to put in the effort to get the mileage from leather seats.

    Nalley Lexus Roswell
    via Ann Miller RN MHA


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