Celebrating Our One/Third Millionth ME-P Reader

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By Ann Miller RN MHA

By Hope Hetico RN MHA

[ME-P Management and Staff]

Oh – good morning doctors, financial advisors, nurse-executives, HIT experts, healthcare CXOs and all medical management consultants, readers, subscribers, visitors and devotees of the Medical Executive-Post professional ecosystem.

We are reporting this “breaking-news” ME-P event live from an Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. corporate retreat in seclusion up North.

The Breaking News!

We just wanted you to know that the Medical Executive-Post just served up content to its one / third millionth reader sometime this weekend, according to iMBA Inc statistics: www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com

It seems our text books, white papers and hand books are best sellers, too! And, our growing online education and certification program for financial advisors, CPAs, management consultants and medical professionals is gaining in popularity and stature, as well www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.com

Thank you!

Celebrate Appropriately!


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8 Responses

  1. I have been a long time subscriber, here.
    Keep up the good work.

    Dr. Bostworth


  2. ME-P

    I agree with the above comments and add my own congratulations!
    Thank you … for what you do.

    Dr. Kingston


  3. Ann and Hope,

    We have profited from your wit and wisdom. Job well done!



  4. Financial Services Industry Bashing

    I like this forum but do not appreciate the financial services industry bashing; it is not perfect but it is important.



  5. Hi Emery,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We do not bash the financial services industry. It does that well enough on its’ own. But, we do provide transparency to those who wish to take advantage of our medical colleagues.

    Moreover, a quick review of the site reveals that we provide transparency on the healthcare administration and related medical management consulting space, as well.

    For example, this just in: Texas doctor among 7 accused in largest health care scam in US

    The owner of a Texas-based medical service provider is among seven people indicted in what authorities say is the largest health care fraud scheme in U.S. history, bilking Medicare and Medicaid of nearly $375 million.


    So, keep reading and commenting on the entire ME-P. You are valued.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  6. Amish “Bernie Madoff” seeks forgiveness

    According to the below article, Monroe Beachy was a respected, eighth grade educated, figure in his Ohio Amish community for decades, standing as a pillar for his financial expertise. Charities and families alike trusted him with their life savings.

    But, in September, he was arrested by federal authorities and charged with running a Ponzi scheme that bilked many in the Amish and Mennonite community. A trial is set for next month.


    Emery, I would indeed be very careful about Wall Street and the financial services business. However, I would champion ME-P transparency in all sectors, if I were you.



  7. Congrats to all at the ME-P

    I subscribe and read this blog forum every day. You should actually charge a nominal fee for it. I would gladly pay.

    Doctor Guyane


  8. Hope and Ann,

    Sorry I’m late with this; but it does not diminish my appreciation.



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