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As per a recent study, 32% of data is lost by human errors. However hardware, software, hacks and smack-downs are responsible for remaining 68% data loss.

Data protection gains major importance in data loss. It can be achieved by implementing data management successfully.

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  1. HHS Targeting Smaller Data Breaches

    In less than three years, around 60,500 “smaller” healthcare data breaches—each affecting the records of fewer than 500 individuals—occurred across the country, and the federal government is setting its sights on providers implicated in these incidents. HHS’ Office for Civil Rights has reached a $50,000 settlement agreement with Hospice of North Idaho, based in Hayden, a suburb of Coeur D’Alene, pertaining to the hospice’s 2010 loss of a laptop computer that contained the records of 441 patients. The Civil Rights Office described the settlement as the first stemming from a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act security-rule violation for a breach affecting fewer than 500 individuals.

    “This action sends a strong message to the healthcare industry that, regardless of size, covered entities must take action and will be held accountable for safeguarding their patients’ health information,” said Leon Rodriguez, director of the Civil Rights Office, in a news release. “Encryption is an easy method for making lost information unusable, unreadable and undecipherable.”

    Source: Joseph Conn, Modern Healthcare [1/2/13]


  2. Health Data Privacy Helped Fuel Supreme Court Cell Phone Ruling

    The possible presence of healthcare data on cell phones helped put the devices in a legal class worthy of heightened constitutional protections from warrantless searches by police, the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. That unanimous decision, while narrowly focused on balancing the privacy rights of individuals and the “legitimate government interests” needed to enforce the law at the time of a person’s arrest, could have broader healthcare implications, healthcare privacy specialists contend.

    The decision could be used as a reference point, highlighting the special nature of healthcare information, as the healthcare industry wrestles to find a similar balance between patients’ consent rights over disclosure of their medical records and the interests of healthcare providers, researchers, and other commercial entities in getting less-fettered access to those records.

    Source: Joseph Conn, Modern Healthcare [6/26/14]


  3. Anthem hack exposes up to 80 million records of subscribers and employees

    Names, birthdays, social security numbers and email addresses have been accessed by what number two insurer Anthem is calling a very sophisticated cyberattack affecting up to 80 million people


    Legal: http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/anthems-big-data-breach-is-already-sparking-lawsuits/ar-AA94E9A?ocid=iehp

    Ann Miller RN MHA


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